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SKM clamping force measuring device for HSK and SK interfaces

The very simply structured, purely mechanical clamping force measuring device measures the draw-in forces of HSK and SK interfaces of all structural forms, whether in spindles or stationary clamping units. The SKM provides you with reliably accurate measurement values at a very affordable price compared to electronic measuring devices.

HSL HSK clamping shoulder gauge set

Dimension L5 according to DIN69893 and/or ISO12164, which determines the location of the clamping shoulder, is tolerated with JS10. With a certified zero master and two further gauges whose clamping shoulders are approximately triple the JS10 tolerance in the plus or minus range, you are able to check and/or adjust your automatic as well as manual HSK clamping mechanisms. The HSL makes it possible to determine the clamping positions of your clamping system and thus to determine the position of the distance measurement sensors.

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