Automatic clamping units

for the HSK interface

SiGMA’s automatic HSK clamping units are characterised by the very high level of effectiveness of the chuck (patented) as well as the very simple structure. The chuck transfers the force introduced by the spring pack by the factor of 7.

This allows the use of smaller laminated disc springs than with traditional HSK chucks, whose force transfer factors are usually around 3.5. This results in a very compact structural form.

Small separation units operated with very low pressure are a further consequence of the small spring packs.

We also integrate the common stroke monitorings for monitoring (analogue, digital) the clamping system into our separation units in a very space-saving manner. Thanks to the exact centring of the laminated spring pack, the SiGMA collets are also suitable for the highest balancing qualities and thus for the highest spindle speeds.

- fully pre-assembled

- high clamping forces

- low spring packages

- low release forces

- completely front-mountable

- no adjustment work required

- very compact installation space

- high balancing quality